eminence eventainers- Corporate events managment
What is mice? Mice stands for Meeting incentives conferences Conventions Exhibitions events.
eminence- Corporate event managment

We, at Eminence, not only take care of the form of the event but also the content of the said event. It is our firm belief that the thematic representation of the event is as much important as the event itself. The content creation is done by our professional digital developers for the clients based on the corporate nature of the event and the décor and thematic designing teams take care of the form of the event.

Event themes are necessitated because of their nature to be an exterior locus. That means the outside representation of an event is important as the guests are the one perceiving the said event as per their understanding.

We make sure that the event package i.e. content + form that the client asks for is provided in a meaningful and a memorable way.

Understanding the requirements of the corporate world is our one specialty. There is no dissonance among us and the client. We make sure that client gets what he/. she bargained for. We have gone through the meaning of the abbreviation mice. Now the question arises, what does it might entail:

eminence eventainers- corporate event managment

eminence eventainers-corporate events

Content development and event design: It entails Ideation of the conference themes, creative designing artwork and 3d walkthroughs and the production of corporate video content.

Logistics and accommodation services: it includes event specific budgeting with respect to manpower and hardware. Finalizing of the conference venue and accommodation services in tandem with partnered networks.

Entertainment options and Artist management: it includes interactive entertainment options, motivational speakers and artist management services.

Infrastructure Support and production: This task consists of stage designing and fabrication, light and sound setup and the assessment of the technical requirements in accordance with Visuals and Projection.

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