eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner
Venue management doesn’t only entail the decision for the best venue,
but also the best prices, the best caterings and the best entertainment factor.
eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

Exclusive catering: “Exclusive”, as the term suggests is our teams endeavor to cater to the exclusive guests with the exclusive cousins. Whether it be continental or regional. Street food or inherently complicated delicacies. We, at Eminence, make it a point to cater to the delights of the guests.

As cultural and religious implications of the cuisines are high, we make sure that the catering is done with an ethnic exclusivity.

Wedding Venues: Wedding venue selection is not such a difficult task. At eminence, our contacts of wedding venues are all over the globe. Whether the wedding is a normal and modest but also a memorable affair or a complete flashy endeavor, we take all of the needs into account. We also dictate that the price range of such venues don’t be too much of a burden on your wallets.

Ladies Sangeet: A wedding is the most auspicious day in a woman’s life. So, with accordance to the religious inclinations. The Organized Ladies Sangeet is amazing and mesmerizing. Venues for the ladies Sangat should be culturally and visually stunning. The mood and the music should showcase the peaceful excitement of a marriage and the excitement of a new event. Therefore, we undertake a rigorous venue inspection for this auspicious event.

eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

Design and Invitation: So, we can all concur that a venue needs an invite. The invite should not only reflect the importance of the event.

An invitation design can be a somber task, a simple card with exotic designs to invite the guests or can be as flamboyant as you want to be. Needless to say, your worries regarding the invitation cards will be assuaged once we tackle with art.

Budgeting: All the above tasks entail a budget that consists of good defined and an adequate receipt.

As the transactions are now on the verge of becoming cashless, we determine the worth and the value of well-established costumes and there may be discounts for the clients if it is needed.

eminence eventainers- Destination wedding planner