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The tone of an event is determined by the décor of the of the venue. Marriage is an auspicious event in itself, but the wedding is something to remember. Right décor sets the right atmosphere. The right atmosphere in turns alters the perception, the feeling and the attitude of the guests. Stage decoration forms the foundation of something spectacular. Whether you want something spectacularly enthusiastic like regional decorations that celebrate the life of the bride and the groom or something spectacularly benign that are by all accounts represents the gentleness and kindness of the relationship.

The decorators we provide or propose are amazingly talented and have the ability to mirror your expectations into their work. These masters of Illusion are focused and respectful to your choice of style and themes. Now, they can further improve with minute bells and whistles that more often than not add to the spirit of the event.

Concept aside, most of the times the obstacle that stops you from having the wedding of your dreams is pessimistic, but the realistic worry of the budget. We at Eminence, assure you that our optimal performance guidelines are always considered with accordance to your budget.

As we always strive to make art and a décor is one. So, taking your wallet into account, we make sure that the ambiance created with our decoration is captivating to the guests from their arrival to the last step that they leave the event.

eminence eventainers

eminence eventainers

At eminence, we always strive to give more to the clientele. Though our basic attribute is to mirror the expectations of the client. We try to go above and beyond that, all in the name of creating a wonderful, captivating and memorable event.

Delving deep into the concept themes, they vary from stylish casino to mesmerizing Moroccan theme. By all accounts, it is indeed cliché to have unrequited extravagance in the décor but, one cannot put a price on versatility.

As royalty is a major attribute of any wedding, the Rajasthani theme is absolutely fantastic. The deep rooted imperial attitude of that region gives an incomparable royal flare.

Same with the Royal Place theme. This theme entails a fine and royal treatment for the bride and groom.

Movie themes: Movies are now the zenith of the cultural manifesto. Movie themes are not only flashy and somber if they need to be. Takes one more attribute of enjoyment into its premises. Movie themes can be very subjective; therefore the client needs to be flexible regarding this.

eminence eventainers