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Award Shows is a very delicate undertaking
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Product launching is a very delicate undertaking. In this particular area, not only the product is required to be engaging but also the launch party. The launch party works as the Launchpad for advertising the product in a more personal and engaging fashion.

Now the product launch event entail, first the product stage setup. This is a necessary step as there is a quintessential need for the product to be presentable and in the view enough so that its characteristics are visible to all that see it.

Comes next the stage is the theme for the venue. A product can vary from clothing lines to the technology driven. When it comes to showing the clothing lines of the product, the themes can vary a lot within a single event.

The backdrop can vary from a modernize tech-driven to a somber cultural driven. When it comes to tech products, the theme should always be about gadgets. Not only does it push for a digitized point of view but also engages the visitors to check the said product out.

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Next, comes the entertainment factor. A factor that makes them not leave. Product launches if not for entertainment, can be an utterly dull and counterproductive affair.

So, the right kind of entertainment pertaining to the product relevance is required. Music in the fashion shows and gaming in the gizmo launch parties are the staple and can’t be done without.

We have a wealth of experience in this regard. Our more recent one include the Launch of OppO phones at the Grand hotel.

Our creative heads guide you towards the right kind of entertainment pertaining to your specific product, from gaming to international bands to flash mobs.

eminence eventainers- Award shows planner