eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner
Celebrity appearances, sometimes the wedding is supposed to be made
just a bit more special.
eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

Sometimes, a tad more flare is to add to a wedding with the performance of your favorite stars. These celebratory acts entail performances of the most prominent musicians, actors, dancers in India. The options that we provide for the purpose of entertainment include:

Celebrity appearances, sometimes the wedding is supposed to be made just a bit more special. Artists: Various prominent performers of various cultural fields, mostly live music Pyrotechnic performances, special effects, amazing sound and amazing lightings.

Eminence provides special arrangements for your musical nights. Be it your favorite band or special celebrity performances. The artists in these special performances from the celebrities entail some of the biggest names in Bollywood. Imagine Salman Khan hugging a flabbergasted and unsuspecting groom or Sonu Nigam singing for the tearfully cheerful bride. This can also be considered the greatest gifts that can be given to the lucky bride and groom. These star nights prove the novelty of a luxurious wedding.

Comedians can also be arranged for such events, From the Quips quotes of Kapil from the Comedy circus to the benign frivolity of Raju Srivastava from the laughter challenge. The laughs are there for remove the gloom and breathe a new life into the party. Dancers too are included. The wild acrobatic performances from the winners of Dance India Dance or some their international influences like Jabberwockies The classical hymns of North Indian classical dancers provide much of the cultural flavor to these shows that complement the nuptial aspect of these events.

eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner

India has a plethora of good singers. Out of those vocal gems, the winners and runner-ups of shows like Indian Idol, Saregamapa and much more provide with entertainment that moves a person's soul. From classical music for the intellectually inclined and the appreciation of art to the party going hard knock music from the live bands and pop stars, all are provided under the umbrella of eminence.
All these great and relevant bands of today’s generation are provided to the clients as per their demands.
Our extended services include four major services,
For performances, we have artist selection, Celebrity appearances, national and international artists, Celebrity Choreographers for Family dance performance and Celebrity DJ live bands.

When it comes to special effects we spare no talent or time, from Video mapping to give you the feel of another world, to the exotic modernize art of Laser Light shows, to special fireworks and special AV films, we eventainers cater to every special presentable effect need of any industry.

Makeup and Mehndi: Our Bridal makeup services are unparalleled. Not just for the bride, but guests too can be the part of this facility.

Themes: The bride and groom theme o present to the to be bride and grooms in a modernize and a thematic fashion. The entry theme determines the theme of the entry position of the guests, it might be as simple as the gateway of India or as imaginative as the doorway to heaven.

eminence eventainers-Destination wedding planner